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Soon to be lab owner from Ont. Canada!

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Hi everyone!

I will soon be bringing home a new lab puppy (he's 3 weeks right now, we get to go see him soon!)

We've named him Baloo and are soo excited!

If anyone wants to impart some lab wisdom, that'd be great! thanks!

- Kate

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Welcome to you and Baloo. I love the name. Can't wait to see pictures.
Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pics of Baloo. I'm in Barrie Ontario

We're in Hamilton, but I have a cottage out near you in Midland, just off of Georgian Bay! Hoping to get out there lots this summer to teach the new pup to swim!
Welcome from WI!
Great to have you on the board & so excited for you're new arrival!
Can't wait for more pics.
i just became a mum to a 3 month old yellow lab named Webster. i can't say enough about how wonderfully loving and loyal he is, so i can only imagine your excitement!
Congrats on your choice of dog.

PS: you can visit Webster's page under Member Galleries "chris ash"
I can remember how excited we were to bring our girls home when they were pups......just like it was yesterday. And it has been 2 yrs. He looks adorable....and can't wait to watch him grow and hear all about the things he is doing.

I'm in Ontario as well, just outside Owen Sound, a couple hours from Barrie.

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I'm sure you will have no trouble in getting your pup to swim ;D Enjoy Baloo while he is a little gaffer. They grow so fast
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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