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TORONTO -- You can run. You can even hide.

But the big question for whoever tried to bury alive a little dog named Charlie is, how can you live with yourself?

Don't answer that now. Save it for police, who will soon be at your door with handcuffs and looks of disgust on their faces.

Normally it's cats who have extra lives. This time it was Charlie.

The beautiful little dog, who was yawning late yesterday after being the darling of the Toronto media for a day, will live.

But the hunt for who did this to him is just beginning.

It is a disturbing tale. Strangely though, there are two positive parts of the story that saw a sick and gutless scumbag, or perhaps several, trap a harmless four-month-old puppy inside a cardboard box, taped it, covered it with plastic and then placed it into a condo building's recycling bin -- leaving him to die by suffocation, starvation or perhaps even being crushed to death.

The first positive is that the tiny black and white Lhasa Apso was saved from this fate thanks to some quick-thinking condo building staff.

The second is whoever did this is going down.

And then when he or she or they are locked up in a cell, we'll see if they survive as well as little Charlie did -- although in Ontario we are a tad more humane than he or she was and we allow those incarcerated to have oxygen, food, water, light and even dignity. Perhaps it's a pity in this particular case.

The story yesterday had people all over town so upset that both Const. Tony Vella, of Toronto Police corporate communications, and Sgt. Carolyn Vandenberg, of 32 Division, told me they can't remember ever fielding so many calls.

Good luck to whoever did this. People don't like dog killers.

It all started at 7:40 a.m. yesterday when cleaner Jeevamohan Periyasami, 31, in Canada just one year from his homeland of Sri Lanka, was checking the recycling bins in a back room on the ground floor of the upscale Symphony Square at 23 Lorraine Dr. in the Yonge and Finch area.

His nickname is Kumar -- and he is one of several heroes of the day.

"I saw that the first bin was full and then I looked into the second one," he said. "I saw this box, all taped up and I wondered what was in it."

There were reports he heard whimpers from the box but Kumar told me that's not exactly true. He wondered if there were some "books" or perhaps something valuable inside. "I took out the box, opened up the top and I saw a head shaking," he said.

Quickly he called out for his Perfect Cleaners' colleague, Oscar Gomez, and the building's head of security, Michael Burn.

"We were all surprised," Burn said. "The dog was really thirsty and so the first thing we did was get him some water."


The next thing he did was phone police. Nearby 32 Division dispatched dog-loving Const. Angela Rumney, who knew exactly what to do -- get him to the city's animal services location on Sheppard Ave. W.

"He's just a beauty," said Fiona Venedam, the shelter's supervisor. "We realized right away he needed some pampering."

Some cookies and some grub and within minutes it was like nothing happened.

"I don't know how long he was in that box but he is going to be okay," she said.

"If no one claims him within one week, we will be in a position to put him up for adoption."

Her phone has been ringing off the hook. There are dozens who have already offered.

But there is an investigation that needs to be conducted first. Toronto Police are trying to determine if this dog was stolen from an owner or was discarded by one.

Somebody out there knows something. Call Crime Stoppers or 32 Division if you do.

The crime scene is an interesting one and if I have learned anything in my two decades of covering Toronto Police, it is that they are good at solving crimes.

To get into this recycling room, the person who dropped off this box would have had to have access to this building and known its layout.

Inside this building, there are security cameras and Burn and his security team have a pretty good understanding of who lives in the condo and who visits.

Sleep well.

At 32 Division, an outraged Staff Sgt. Noel Lee was telling me the charge for such an act could end up being cruelty to animals, which is a serious Criminal Code offence. The cops are determined to make sure somebody ends up facing that charge.

See you in court, scumbag.

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Yes, horribly biased journalism.

And I loved every syllable of it.

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I tend to hope the person does not end up in court, but does get identified to the public. I think there are many right here on JL that would know what to do with this person, male or female.
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