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Over the past several days, our baseball team has had several series of home games. I decided to take both Tal and Barney. The only reservations I had were that they both get really excited to see and want to play with other folks. Plus, Barney had not been around that many other folks at once.

I could not have been more pleased with their behavior. I saw several of my students and other faculty memebers and of course you always have to come pet the dog! I had to take Barney to potty once and one of my students offered to keep Tal. He watched but never whined or barked.

The only "problem" was some guy who had his little terrier there. There were two other people with a lab (one yellow one black) and someone who had a mix (black) of some kind. Tal, Barney, and all those other dogs were all beaving really nicely. I have seen the black mix there before and he/she is about as calm as they come. I thought there would be a fight with that terrier. The little terrier was just gonna go after the mix. We were sitting about 10 feet away, and neither Tal nor Barney acted like they were interested. So I was really proud of them! There will still me more home games and I intend to take them there too!
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