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I have an almost 6 year old yellow lab (in July). She has been super active and healthy up until this afternoon. Yesterday, she had a busy day with a lot of exercise - swimming and running with our 9 month old lab and my brothers 2 year old lab.

Early this afternoon, I noticed some awkward gait in her hind legs, more noticeable when she got up from a stand. Her hind legs just seemed quite weak, enough to make me a bit nervous. Once she was up, and walked a bit, she seemed fine.

At about 5pm, it was still the same, and just concerning. I gave her some anti-inflammatory (metacam) to see if that helped her and we let her rest as I had been doing all afternoon.

This evening as we were bathing our girls, she went up the stairs and went to bed. When I went back down, I called her to come with, and her gait once again was very awkward. She attempted to go down the stairs, and slipped. Thankfully, I was right there, and helped her. My husband came to get her, and brought her downstairs. Once, she was up, she was fine...just some weakness noted.

She is not wimpering, whining or showing any discomfort when she walks or gets up- but she's quite stoic. I am definitely taking her to the vet in the morning, but I am SO nervous...I hope she just overdid it and strained something and that's it...

Any ideas????
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