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Zoe has known our two little neighbor girls since she was a pup. When they come over to our yard to play, Zoe goes up and wags her tail, then proceeds to graze the grass or we play "chicken"

I have never seen her approach the 2 girls, except if they have treats. :-\ She pretty much ignores them.

Anyhow, yesterday, they brought a friend, May, to our house, along with puppy Willy. May is about 8 years old, maybe younger.

I opened the gate, in comes Kaylen, then Erica holding Willy, and I invite May to come in. She is obviously not afraid of large dogs...she came right in and stood still. I told her Zoe is friendly.

Well, Zoe went straight up to sniff May (like she was a new dog on the block) and of course May's T-shirt had snot art on it. :-\ When Zoe was satisfied, she proceeded to graze.

Do your dogs always sniff new people that go to your houses? How do they know they are "new"? I suppose each human smells different?

sorry so long... (btw, it it was an adult human that came over, Zoe would have barked first, then sniffed; however, it was interesting that she did not bark at all)
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