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To start, sorry for putting so many repetitive letters in the title.

So anyway...

As I said months ago in my introduction, we were planning to get a second lab this summer. My dad was too busy, so we are going to keep Trip (the new pup) at the trainer's until this fall. So I have some more time to prepare Gunner (our dog) for life with a brother.

Now Gunner is super social, and he loves others. He's stayed with other dogs before. But sometimes when we have other dogs at the house he gets stressed. If a dog is being extra social with him and won't leave him alone, he'll do his best to get them away without being aggressive.

I don't want Gunner to feel like he's a stranger in his own home either. He's never been the kind to get jealous, but he gets lonely easily. If we give Trip that new dog attention, I worry Gunner will feel kinda left out.

There's just a lot of issues like that I can see,all ending up with Gunner being upset. I don't know how to prevent this, because I doubt that a year-old lab pup has many boundaries when he meets a new friend. So how can I make Gunner not get jealous, stressed, or lonely when we welcome Trip into our lives, but not end up excluding Trip in anything or end up making him feel like he's not welcome in his new home?
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