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Some one help, I am getting weak

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The credit card is out....I have this web page open

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which one are you going to get? They are all beautiful and for handstitched, very reasonable.
Put away the credit card. Remember that's almost 3 entries right there...

Ah screw it, buy one for each of 'em, so at least they'll be stylish!
Oooh.. those are nice! I have one similar to the Hand Stitched Rolled Buckle Collar. I like that one because it doesn't leave indentations in Abbey's fur.. not nearly as much as the flat collars. :D
I want all of the first six. Hmmmmmm, guess I have to actually measure their necks for preciseness, if the collars are that expensive, but oh man, they are beautiful collars!
MidwestGirl said:
Here let me help you
good advice right here!
those are all beautiful! it would be hard to choose. well actually if i were to buy one, it would end up having to be the cheapest one i could find... i'm still paying for Christmas and will be for a couple more months! :scare:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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