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So very proud of Tal today

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On our walk this evening we approached a corner and I have been teaching Tal to stop, sit and stay when reaching any corner. On the opposite side of the street a lady was walking her what looked like an Alaskan Husky. Her dog was nowhere close to fully grown and it is a beautiful dog. Anyway. As we approached the corner I did what I have been doing and told Tal to stop (he did), sit (he did) and stay (he did!).

I knew he wanted to play...I could feel it and so did the husky. Thing is the lady had to practically drag her dog off because it was pulling so hard to try andget to Tal to play. I stayed there long enough for Tal to know he is supposed to stop, sit and stay because it was a corner and then we continued.

I am so proud of him....and do I love my Tal!
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Good boy Tal.

It is so nice when they do this sort of thing. Good training.
Well done Tal :D

How could you not love him, he's so handsome and so clever.
mattgusmum said:
Well done Tal :D

How could you not love him, he's so handsome and so clever.

I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear just thinking about how much he enjoys it when I get home and he can play fetch or go swimming. he is a gentle soul...
Tal you are such a handsome pup. What a good boy too! Your daddy is lucky to have ya!
Yay Tal!!
That's awesome.
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