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So quiet around here....where is everyone??

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Making a pit stop here in between my cleaning routine to find this place quiet as a mouse! Hi everyone...wake up!!
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I just woke up; it's only 5:00 here.
Hi Linda!! It's Saturday, what are you doing up so early?
einsteins legacy said:
Hi Linda!! It's Saturday, what are you doing up so early?
Hi Randi!

It's our normal routine here. Zoe has to eat early, as we go to the beach at about 6:30. I really worry about bloat.

Have fun cleaning!
I'm doing my running around and errands out of the house today, so I can stay in tomorrow during the storm. It is no fun trying to put groceries in the car with torrential rain, wind, flooding...

Off to return something, food shop, library...tomorrow will be cleaning day.
Same plan as Deneen...trying to get all outside activities done today so we can bunker up tomorrow
Do a chore... check JL. Do a chore... check JL. Do a chore... :)
Been sitting here reading research studies for my paper. Just took a break to pull the Z3 out and wash it while it's 45 degrees - since tomorrow will be a rain and maybe snow washout. I'm just hoping that the storm turns out to be rain - snow will make it tough for us to get the Z3 out for our trip next week - this thing is like a sled with no steering on snow. :(
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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