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I got this idea out of susan garretts blog. But lets all shape a new behaivor this weekend. Do something your dog does not know!!
It'd be nice to get some pics and or videos for next week on the new trick!!! Apple, Casey and i are starting today!!

Here's some ideas!!
List of Ideas to Shape ( By S. Garrett)

Shake a Paw
ItsYerChoice (cookies on your paws, face etc)
Cross Paws in Down
Walk while crossing paws
Chase tail one way then the other
Show me Your Belly
Stretch while on your back
Speak quietly
Talk (different than barking)
Back up
Jump Into My Arms
Limping on front leg
Don’t Peak (cover your eyes)
Roll Over (one way) Tumble (the other)
Play Dead
Moonwalk (back up while laying down)
Pop Backwards vs walk backwards
Jump Up & Down on the spot
Walk on Front Paws
Hold (any item)
Get Your Tail (wrap from legs around mine)
Take my Leg
Where’s Your Big Butt (lay down and put your butt in the air)
Target yourself with your nose
Meow (lick Lips & growl)
Dead Dog
Lick your lips
Wipe your face
cover your eyes
In the chair
Lift your rear leg on a person/chair etc
Wrap yourself in a blanket
Turn on/off lights
“no” turn head in disagreement (do you agree?)
sit up pretty
Stand tall
transition from sit pretty to tall
Transition from tall to sit pretty
Cover nose with both paws
open door / pull latch
pick up and carry
growl/ show teeth
lick your nose
go under chair
back flip
circle around something
High Five/10
target with rear paw
Pals-put your arm around another dog
Stand on two paws (on same side)
Go to target & sit or down
retrieve Kleenex
Go-see–visit someone
Walk upright on hind legs
circle right, circle left
Put toys away
Put stuff in the trash
Discriminate items on scent
Discriminate items on sight
Lay flat out on your side
Target your butt with your nose
Pivot on front legs
Pivot on rear legs (turn on haunches)
Show your teeth/smile
In a box then shrink it down—all paws in a tiny tupperware container
Stand with your front paws on my shoes
Walk with your front paws on my shoes
Walk up the walk with rear legs
Puppy yoga (downward facing dog)
Jump into arms
Jump through my arms
Jump and spin off of me
Jump onto my back
weaving backwards between legs
Puppy Pretzel (roll your head as far between your front legs as possible)
Bear Skin run – lay flat on with legs behind you and head on the ground
Praying on the bedside or chair
Kill the toy (shake it violently)
Clean the floor (allow me to drag you)
Balance on a physio disc
Sitting pretty lifting one front paw then the other
Give kisses
Hand Target
Give kisses to another dog
Climb a ladder
Ride a skate board
Be pulled by another dog
Stand with your 4 paws on my 2 legs (while I am sitting on the floor with my legs out in front)
Rest your head flat on the floor
Front paws up on the wall (like you are going to be frisked by a policeman)
Hide your head under the couch
Go to your bed,matt or other targeted location

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fun idea....I have been wanting to teach a formal command for greeting a stranger. Just nose to knee. I thought about using lure then clicker...but never used a clicker before however I understand basics. not sure I can do it in a weekend.

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I will be at my first tracking test on Sunday. Might be able to squeeze something in.

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i'm in - I hope - the big dogs are away tonight but may be back in time to do something ...if not I'll try Thea - she isn't big on shaping - it would be good for her :)

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OMG! I had to chuckle when I saw "jump in my arms" on the list.

I know not everyone has a 72 pound labrador, but I still laughed at the mental image I got!

I need to start working on scent discrimination, doubt I will finish that over the weekend though!

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OMG! I had to chuckle when I saw "jump in my arms" on the list.

I know not everyone has a 72 pound labrador, but I still laughed at the mental image I got!
LOL! Really! I think I do not want to teach that!

This is a really good list of tricks, though. Angus adores learning new things. I'll pick one or two to teach him. :)

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Here's another one that's just not going to happen:

Clean the floor (allow me to drag you)
LOL! Oh, the wrestling match that would ensue...

I am having fun reading these! My neighbor would get a kick out of them. She's been asking me for a list of tricks she can teach her new puppy.
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