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A few years back we had planned a driving vacation from London through Bath and then all the way down to the southwest through the moors to Lands End. Unfortunately just a couple of weeks before we were to fly over the hoof and mouth epidemic struck and closed down all of the B&B's we had booked. We had to reschedule for the next fall but didn't have the time for the drive so we just took a bus to Bath.
I did do a lot of reading on driving and would wake up many a night in a cold sweat when I tried to imagine making a right or left turn. Then I read about the Super Counterflow Roundabouts where traffic in the center circle goes one direction and traffic in the outer circle goes in the opposite direction and you have to hand a U turn around bollards that separate the two lanes.
I love the diagram in the link above. It gives one route for "tourist" and another route for the "pro" driver.
Luckily my book said there were only a few of these but on our way to Bath on the bus we went through one. Everybody in England should send me a thank note for NOT DRIVING. :D
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