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Snow pics

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We got maybe 3½ to 4 inches overnight.



Teddie chasing Seamus

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Teddie looking like she's about to fly to a warmer climate

Me making snow angels

Some sick sadistic people thought I should try it with the dogs outside too

Jake is trying to grab my gloves, Shanny's trying to swipe my earrings and I'm trying to beat them off!!! She did manage to get my headband so I won't find that sucker until spring.
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What fun! For a few minutes. Nice pics of the outing. :)
(And that one classic Seamus shot... love that one!)
HAHAHA! I learned the dangers of snow angels with dogs last night, so that pic of you made me laugh hysterically!
What a good mommy!! That looks really really really cold! They don't mind a bit though, do they???
Those are great pictures, Laura! I love the one of Teddie getting ready to take off.

...Some sick sadistic people thought I should try it with the dogs outside too...
Now, whose bright idea was that? LOL
My god at the snow!!!! I'd die! Glad y'all are enjoying it.
Great shots Laura. I do not even have to make snow angels to get my gloves or hat stolen - Orson takes them right off the countertop and takes them outside through the doggy door and it is hell to pay to get them back.
Great pics Laura - looks like fun was had by all.

Love Seamus lying in the white stuff !

too funny, thanks for the laugh, needed it today!
Great pictures!! Love it. :)
Oh everyone is having so much fun! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :D
Wonderful pics.... Especially the last one. Even if that makes me sick and sadistic ;).
Great pics!
LOL at you getting mugged by Jake and Shanny! :D
Wonderful pics - jolly balls are made for snow fun!
Great pics, Laura. I can just picture all of them try to steal your "stuff". What a prize. I bet there was LOTS of butt tuckin' all around. :D
Too funny, I tried to make a snow angel last night and had a similar result . . . only one not two, brown not black, glove not headband. :)
Great photos, made me smile!
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