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Baby girl was back at the vet's today for several follow ups. She has had three UTI's since January and has been on Baytril for six weeks. Urinalysis was good. It was cloudy, had protein in it and crystals. It is going out for culture.

Doc does not believe she tore ACL. He says both knees are very similar. The right leg is a bit swollen but he could not get any reaction out of her. He did notice when she put her right rear leg down the foot would knuckle over. and she would not correct it. He put the foot right, then knuckled it under and she did not correct it. This reminds me of what Misty had. Doc says so far the tests rule out Addison's and Cushing's.

Baby weighed 59 pounds in April, She weighed 56 pounds Sunday at the ER vet. Today(Wednesday) it was 54.5. She is not eating and drinking little. Dog bisquits, and peanut butter crackers are all she will eat. Doc did more bloodwork that will come back Thursday.

He and I are very puzzled. I now wonder if maybe something in her mouth hurts?

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