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That IS funny.

But IMO, it's important to see these Westboro BC people for what they really are: they're in the business of mining hate to make a living.

Old man Phelps, the patriarch of this clan, is a lawyer disbarred from state and federal courts. Maybe 10 of his many kids are also lawyers and some practice in a small Topeka office.

The parents, kids, grandkids often can be seen around Topeka picketing churches, civic events, etc., proclaiming "God hates America" or ____ or____ because of the USA's or ____'s tolerance of gays.

Their law profession doesn't make enough money to fly 5 members on the spur of the moment to England, or to Washington, DC, or anywhere around the world to be seen protesting some event.

Collections at their "church" wouldn't take in that much money either since its small congregation is probably 98% members of the extended Phelps family.

IMO (and that of some others) they rely on hidden continuing contributions from homophobes for financial support. They're in the hate business and rely on generating publicity to market their wares.

Wstboro Baptist Church: www.godhatesfags.com/

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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