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I've got this one:


IMO, it's a good camera considering the price - about $330 USD & the one most of my pics I post on here are taken with.

Also got this one but don't use it as much since I've had the Panasonic. It lives in the car for those unexpected shots when you wish you had a camera with you. :rolleyes: Paid about $120 AUD for it around 3 years ago. This is the one I took my siggy pic with.


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Pentax K10D, Nikon D70 and Fuji F45FD

While I find a point and shoot like the Fuji F45FD very handy (especially under low light), I would not want to shoot without a DSLR. When it comes to shoot people, LABS, cars, etc...

The 2 great recommendations for much better LAB shots, I can share are:

1) Use a prime (non-zoom) lens. They are faster (open wider), resulting in natural light vs flash, and you don't have to go through multiple layers of glass. Last year I had my 4 year old Nikon D70 DSLR with a 50MM prime lens. Someone else attending the function had a new Nikon D700 (superior in every way to the D70). Yet all of my people pictures came out significantly better. The D700 had a very high end Nikon Zoom that cost more than my D70 4 years ago.

2) If you have to use flash, bounce it, or get an indirect reflector. Major difference. Direct flash is very harsh regardless of the quality of the camera or flash. Labs do not like flash. They will thank you.

Hope this helps...


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