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Could someone explain what this means? I am looking at a list of results from a show and in the confirmation winners list it shows for example in the Retrievers 12 - 18 monsth: 1+ dog's name owner., "A"plus dog's name; 2 plus etc. What does the "A" mean? If you click on the link than go to the Breed Results for Retrievers you will see an example of what I mean. TIA

This is the link http://www.onofrio.com/execpgm/WBSRSELECT?SHOW=INTE111639
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RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR), Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
3 8 HERRINGBONES NOTORIOUS REDWING. SR451579/02. 09/20/2007. BREEDER: Jan Norton-Horne. By Tealwoods Essence of CD AXP-Top Forms Blissfull Melody. OWNER: Elizabeth Goff.
2 14 PLUMTREE CULTURED PEARL. SR473427/01. 01/11/2009. BREEDER: Renee M. Gussman & Richard L. Gussman. By Ch Plumtree King Nikare-Ch Plumtree Cheyenne Turqoise. OWNER: Renee M. Gussman & Richard L. Gussman.
A 29 RIVERROAD CONFETTI. SR449120/01. 09/04/2007. BREEDER: Owner. By Dovetails Mr Wilson-Riverroad Mardi Gras. OWNER: Karin Thomas.
4 34 AQUARIUS NORTHERN LIGHTS IN THE SKY. SR488808/08. 01/02/2008. BREEDER: Kathy Sneider VMD/ Julie Mackinnon. By Ch Aquarius Centercourt Delight JH-Ch Windfall's Dragonfly in the Sky. OWNER: Jaime Cipares.
1 60 LACHLAN'S BLACK TO MAUI. SR471809/02. 01/11/2008. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Windfall's Pipe Major-Ophir's Dark Shadow. OWNER: Rusty & Jennifer Howard. AGENT: Rusty Howard.

I don't understand what you are asking.

The first number (in the left column) would be the dog's placement in the class, the second would be the dog's armband number, then the dogs name, registration number, birthday, breeder, sire X dam, then Owner:
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My apologies I never thought to do a cut and paste. See where it says "A" 29 Riverroad Confetti- what does that letter A mean?
The "A" means the dog was absent and/or not shown.
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