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Update - We went to the Columbus All-Breed Show-N-Go today with my friend Lynn (Fiddlelady). I had Emilu in one Novice run-through and 2 Opens with sits/downs for each. Emilu's heeling was bad, as usual - but passable. She was fine with all other things in Novice, and in Open, she actually did everything with only 1 command except the BJ, which she walked (never does this in practice, even though I leave large spaces between the boards to try to get her to so I can bust her for it). The second run-through she walked it twice and I got her to jump by using voice and signal. Great on all sits/downs. 2 minor skirmishes with other dogs when they fussed at her first. This always makes my heart drop - I'd love to get through a show where she doesn't fuss at someone. Heeling is BAD - she just slows way down in the ring - she's not the greatest heeler in the world, but ring nerves just about kill her - I learned something though - she's great in going from station to station (I have her heel) -she perks up and trots right along with me - so I think that it is something I am doing also and maybe I can pretend that we are just going from station to station somehow intead of "heeling". All in all it was a productive day, and I'll probably go to another one the end of March - they had 3 rings going and "judges" in each ring - very nice set-up and kind, helpful people. :)

I'm not one much for going to shows that don't count for titling, mostly due to money and time. But with Emilu's ring performance really going downhill, I decided that I would drop her back to Novice, get some RAE legs, and try to go to some matches. We are going to go to a Show-N-Go in Columbus this weekend. I plan on doing 3 runs with her - one Novice, one Open, and depending how she does in the Open run, either another Open, or if she sucks in Open again, we'll do Novice, just so she doesn't keep failing in the Open ring. I'm looking forward to it, and being able to help her in the ring a little , so she isn't so freaked by it. (and to work on MY behavior in the ring too)
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