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Should I switch dog food?

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Hi All,

Fletch has been on Costco brand chicken and rice since he was a pup (he's a bit over 2 now.) I did so because it had relatively good rankings and ingredience and his breeder fed him diamond puppy.

Last month Fletch got diarhea and was vomiting for about 1.5 days. He then stopped eating and I took him to the vet. He had pancreatitis and had to spend 48 hours in an emergency veterinarian clinic.

After 2 days of getting IV but still not eating I took him home. 24 hours after that (still not eating and going on 5 days) I took him to the vet and asked that we switch his antibiotics to try to treat something else. They did for bacterial infection and the next morning he ate. The vet wasn't sure which treatment was working so we kept him on both.

His stool stayed firm for about 2 weeks and as begun to soften again. He also had a lump on his side which i just got the test results back and while not cancerous they aren't sure what it is and want to monitor and see if it gets bigger or goes away.

After all that, I am tempted to switch his food. I don't want to cause further problems to his digestive tract however so I'm looking for advice on food and if people think it's the right move to switch now?

Sorry for the rambling.
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We feed Costco/Kirkland C&R, also.

I don't understand why you're considering a change.
Are you sure he didn't get into something else? I think it's more probable that he got into something fatty, and that caused the pancreatitis than the kibble suddenly causing it after 2 years.

Unless you feel like the food is the problem, I wouldn't switch right now.
All the typing and I didn't really make myself clear. When fletch was put on wet food (Science Diet/ID) his stool was more firm than it has ever been and he'd have one movement on walks.. Now he is back to having pretty soft stool and tends to go 2-3 times on walks.

I've removed everything from his diet except his food for a month now and his stool is worse not better.
It's very possible the food is causing the soft stools. You can try switching and seeing if it firms up the stools.
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