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She looks worse now!

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She is from the show The Hills..I don't watch it but I saw an interview last night. I couldn't believe someone who is 23 would want 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day!
She looks horrible. She has that "LOOK" of someone who has had too much plastic surgery and it's a shame becuase she is so young.
She used to be beautiful, but she looks horrible now.
That is pathetically sad. That someone can be that insecure with themselves. She was so pretty as she was...now she looks like a scary doll or something.
AND she wants bigger boobs yet!!
She looks horrid compared to what she used to look like.

And it is sad that at 23 she felt the need to have 10 procedures done. I honestly feel sorry for her. She must be one messed up person. Also, her husband is a prick and I hope he gets run over by a mack truck. The end.
Never saw the show, don't know who she is. Sounds like I'm not missing much.
Who is she?

Some reality TV "star". I don't think we get the show.

Looks like she's trying to be the next Pam Anderson.

I agree she looked better before the first surgeries.

Sad. Really sad....
Sad that she felt compelled to have so much work done. She was very pretty before
I heard on the radio that these weren't her first surgeries. She'd already had her boobs and nose done. (Included in the 10 was a second boob and a second nose job.)
I agree that it's sad that somebody so young is that insecure that she thinks she needs these things done. Someday she'll regret it. And I think that since her husband was against it that there are problems there too, and she'll probably wind up divorced.
she was really cute before, now she looks like "everyone" hollywood. And she will wish for smaller boobs once her back starts hurting everyday from carrying the extra weight in front.
She also had part of her back shaved down to make her butt look bigger.. i didn't even know you COULD do that!
Before, she looked her age or younger now she looks over 40!
Her huge glassy eyes are freaky looking too.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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