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Bunny is turning 9 months old tomorrow. She is being able to walk better off leash and even comes when I dont call her, most times is able to stop and dont go to a place (like meet every dog she sees) when I ask her not to.

But what impressed me most, was that yesterday she got in the car by herself (I didnt have to fight her and hold that 55 Lbs black cutie to put her in the car) and today I was taking Bear with me to class (she stays in the car, because hates to stay home) and Bunny who dreads the car, actually got in, so I took them both.
I think it has to do with the fact that now we do have a ramp (mostly for Bear).

She has stopped eating socks, one of these days I saw she digged them all out of the dirty laundry basket but just left them there.

I cannot believe how big she is, her rear legs look taller than Bear's yet she is the same size, but still has that cute puppy face that makes you forgive her for everything. For me this is the best age of a lab puppy.
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