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Shaving commercial

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(might be a bit risque... but in a cartoon way)
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Ok guys, fess up. How many shave/trim armpit hair and private part hair? Women have trimmed for years and years in both places (who wants to see bush hanging out of a bathing suit. very unattractive. :p Common knowledge. What about you? :eek:
<<raises hand>>

I shave my back bald. Can't stand the gorilla-mat of hair back there, especially @ the pool.

Shave the rest of my body hair short but not bald. Just neatens everything up some. Hate the hairy belly.
Good GOSH!! How in the world do you reach and see?!?!?!

And this li'l piece of genius: http://www.mangroomer.com/
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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