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Shadow update 9:45 pm

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Dr. Dobson called at 9:45, Shadow was standing up in her cage, wagging her tail, and wanting out. ;D She responded well to the transfusion.

He had told me earlier that their normal blood count is between 36 and 42. When I first brought her in last Friday her count was 32. When I brought her in for surgery, it was 30. After surgery it was 26, but that was t be expected with the hemmorhagng and the removal of the spleen and the hematoma. When I took her back this afternoon it was between 12 and 13. It's back up to 21 now, not good, but a hell of a lot better than it was. He may let her come home tomorrow, but she'll be back on the Prednisone for at least a couple of days to help build her up. She still has a long way to go, but at least now she has a chance to get there.

Thank You, God, and thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts! ;D
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Will continue to keep her close in prayer ........... so glad she is feeling better!!
Oh my, how low her blood count was

I'm so glad to hear the transfusion went well. I'm hoping she continues to improve steadily, and can be home soon. :) You have to be so relieved, so far....I hope you can get some rest now, and that Shadow can rest and get better quickly.
thanks for the update and thank goodness she is doing better. we'll all (abbey and cinder included) continue to keep you and shadow in our thoughts and prayers for a full recover very soon.
Thank you Lord. Thank you, thank you.

I am just catching up on all this. I'm so sorry I missed your first post about her being in shock.

Crash was in shock when we took him in for his emergency surgery.


I am so grateful that she is doing well now. I can't even describe how emotional this makes me.

Please Lord, watch over Shadow tonight with loving eyes and keep her in your tender care.
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I'm so glad Shadow is doing better after the transfusion. Bless her heart and keeping her in my prayers.
Praise God!! Hang in there, Shadow!! We're pulling and praying for you!!
I'm so glad Shadow is doing better after her transfusion! Will keep those prayers coming. :)
Great news!!

We'll continue keeping Shadow and you in our prayers.
Thank You God! yayyyyyyyyy
wow 12-13 !! She is so lucky. What a lil fighter you have there.
I'm so glad she's made a turn for the better. I can't imagine how stressful that must have been. Hang in there! :)
I did not see this untill now. You have my prayers and best healing wishes.
Good News! Continued Prayers coming Shadow's wat.
I'm just reading this post I will continue to keep Shadow in my prayers and I hope she continues to improve and will be home soon :)
SO happy to see this! Continued good thoughts for Shadow. :)
I am SO happy she's improving! Go Shadow!

We'll continue prayers for her complete recovery- soon.
Good news! Continuing to send prayers Shadow's way.
Just coming on now...sorry I missed your earlier post. Glad to hear she responded to the transfusion. Continued good thoughts.
Glad the news is looking up. Keep us updated. I will continue to say a prayer for her recovery.
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