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Seizure scare

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Last October our boy, Ben, had his first seizure and at the time I was too devasted to post about it. Our vet suggested a 'wait and watch' approach and said it may be an isolated happening and he that may never have another but that it would probably happen again and tonight it did. I will be phoning the vet tomorrow to seek advice as to what we should do from here. I know I have read here in the past about some of the member's dogs having seizures and I would really appreciate any support and helpful advice. Thank you.



Thank you so much for your good wishes and support for Ben.

We took him to our vet yesterday where he had a physical examination and bloods taken. We also had a good chat about options and medication. Our vet's recommendations where that it is usual practise to medicate if there are more than one seizure within a three month time span and Ben's two seizures were around three and a half months span which is marginal. We have just had the results of his blood tests which were clear thankfully. Our decision at this point in time is to wait and see and if he should have another seizure within three months we will put him on medication.

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I have no advice, just good thoughts and prayers that it is something that can be easily managed. Good luck to you and Ben!
I don't have any advice just good wishes that the vet can help Ben.
My last lab started having seizures at about 7 years of age. they were grand mal and were horrible to see. The vet put her on phenobarbytal (sp) and she never had another one.
My old Lab Jake would have a seizure every now and then, each lasting a couple of minutes or less. He would suddenly loose focus, stiffen, and sometimes drool excessively.
When the first one occurred I rushed him to the emergency vets at 11:00 on a Saturday night. By the time I got there Jake was apparently fine. The Vets checked him over and told me that pure bred Labs sometimes have these seizures but unless it started to happen frequently not to worry.
Though always scary Jake would have one once or twice a year (when I was with him). All I would do is hold him until it passed.
Jake lived to be one week shy of 15.
So far at 7 1/2 Duke has never had one.
I also have a lab who started having seizures when he was around 1 year old. We weren't sure what exactly was happening at the time, and they kept getting longer & coming more frequently. He would try to stand and his legs would collapse. Once on the ground he would tremor & not be able to respond to us. We sit on the ground with him and gently pet him & talk him through it. Once he is coming out of it, he starts to lick our hands & once he can stand we know that it is over. He took him to the vet & had blood tests on him. They could never explain why he was having the seizures but we put him on Phenobarbital (sp) and he has only had a few since then. When he does have seizures, we call the vet & he has to have his Pheno levels checked. They change his dosage amount & he had no problems. He is now almost 9 years old & going strong. I hope this helps. Good luck with Ben.
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my zena girl (yellow one in the siggy facing) has occasional seizures. she's had bloodwork etc and nothing really shows. she has about 1-2 a year. she actually went for almost 18 months seizure free and then had 2 within 2 weeks of each other. that was about a month ago and no more since. no idea what causes them except she has been in my bedroom each time she has had one. they are possibly sleep induced...last time she fell out of her chair in the middle of the night...it broke my heart. i used to freak out...i have now learned just to stay calm and sit with her and rub her head until she feels "together" again. my vet said unless she started having them often (monthly) we would take a wait and see approach as well.
I know what your feeling. Bogey had his first about two weeks ago. We are also on the watch and wait. When it happened I videoed it so the vet could see exactly what happened.

I had a full blood panel done and all was clear.

I hope it never happens again. For yours or mine! Let us know what the vet says.
That stinks, I'm sorry. :( I can't imagine how scary that must be
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