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Seizure and shots question

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Sam had all his shots on Friday. Sat night he had a seizure. My vet says she doesn't think the two are related, but I see info on the internet which says that the shots can lower the seizure threshold.

Does anyone here have any experience with this, or further information? In the future I will have the shots spaced out just on the off chance that they were the cause, but I'm curious about any further info that y'all might have?


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No, not his first. He had one two years ago in Nov. That was his first. No reason that I could see. Then two years go by and he had one on Dec. 27 of this year. He'd had fairly bad diarrhea all day, and then the seizure. I also read that in seizure prone dogs low blood sugar can trigger them, and I would think that diarrhea would throw your blood sugar out of whack. Then two months later on Friday he has his shots, and another seizure on Sat night. I'm to take him in this afternoon for a blood panel. He had one two years ago after the first seizure and they want to do another one to compare.
It is very hard. Oh, and since you've been following the progress of Sam at softening my su's heart, I will tell you that su cried while the seizure was going on! He's never seen one before and they are upsetting for sure, but he wouldn't have cried if he didn't secretly LOVE Sam!!!!!!!!!!
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Not that I know of. But he told me later that night that Sam was going to be alright because he had asked his angel to take care of him. (SU is a big believer in angels, and that they help us) and also that I needed to spend "whatever I needed to" to buy the kind of food Sam needs because "he is a GOOD dog". (I had switched Sam from an expensive holistic food to one that is cheaper, still good, but cheaper)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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