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Seizure and shots question

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Sam had all his shots on Friday. Sat night he had a seizure. My vet says she doesn't think the two are related, but I see info on the internet which says that the shots can lower the seizure threshold.

Does anyone here have any experience with this, or further information? In the future I will have the shots spaced out just on the off chance that they were the cause, but I'm curious about any further info that y'all might have?


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You know, I've thought this before, but have no real evidence. I never heard of so many dogs having seizures. My ex-boss's black lab had a seizure the day after he was vaccinated. My grandson actually had a seizure (for no reason they can find) the day after he had his booster shots at the doctors. These are the cases I'm directly related to, but have heard of many more, people and animals. It seems like too much coincidence to me.
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