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I'm having a problem with the search function since the updates and was wondering if it's just me or if it's the new forum.

Using the Advanced Search only brings up topics that go back a few days -- around the time the forum changed.

Also, if you click on your username or another member's username, there is an option to View Forum Posts or View Profile, where there is another option to Find all Posts by that member. That only seems to go back a few days as well.

I thought 150 posts by me seemed like a lot, since I don't post often, so I went to my profile to look at what those posts were and it showed that I had zero posts! (Should be up to four now.) The only way I could find my posts was to do an Advanced Search another way.

It would be nice to have the forum search go back farther than the point of the update because I'm usually able to find the answers to most of the questions I have by doing the search. That way I don't have to post a question that someone has already asked a week or two earlier.
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