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Uh, Shamoo? Seamus? How're you liking these new days?
Same as the old days, Flynnie. They're all good.
Yeah but what about that big couch? How come you don't go on it now?
Flynn. I never did. I always took the small couch with mom.
Oh yeah. I forgot. I wonder why I don't go on the big couch now.
That's easy, Flynn. It's because, deep down, you are a weenie.
Are so.
Wuhl, I'd go up there if you would, or if Rusty would.
Rusty does go there, Flynn.
Oh. Wuhl, wanna go play in the bamboo stalks mom cut down today? :D
You sure know how to change your own subject, don't you Flynn. Flynnie! Wait for me! I'm coming out, too!


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I hope you've been keeping copies of all the "conversation" your pups have! They'd make a great coffee table book!! I love reading these!
I agree! They would make a great book. Some are happy, some are silly, some are very thoughtful . . . this one brought a little tear. ;)

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Hugs to all.

Keep talking it out, boys. Keep those memories alive. And enjoy the bamboo.
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