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Hey Shamoo? Seamus?
Yes, Flynn?
That mouse. That little thing Hope found. It was really cute!
Yes it was, Flynn. You were very kind toward it.
Yeah, wuhl, it was just so... so... little! Littler than our own Mouse!
And smart, Flynnie. Smart and quick! Did you see how quick it was?
Yeah! Gosh! It was faster than me!
I think the little things just have to have more skill that way, Flynnie.
Did you like it, Shamoo? Did you want to keep it in one of the beds here?
Well, not really. Those kinds do better in fields. Fields of long grass. I think.
Wuhl... do you think that Santa Claus guy could take mouse along with him?
Oh, Flynnie! I'll just bet he could. I'll bet he does!

*watch your chimneys now, boys and girls...*


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Well, it's a good thing you have a cat because those two would be worthless as mouse catchers. lol Love their conversations!!:)

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I missed Flynn and Seamus chat time! Very cute!

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Loved hearing what Seamus and Our Man Flynn think of the little mouse. Happy that we do not have a chimney! ;)

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You need to tell them the story of Santa Mouse:

Once there was a little mouse, who didn't have a name.
He lived in a great big house, this mouse,
the only mouse in the whole wide house.

He day dreamed he had playmates who were friendly as could be.
The little girls would bring their dolls,
and dress up and have tea.
The boys would play at cowboys or Eskimo or Spanish.
But when he tried to touch them like a bubble they would vanish.

Now through the years this little mouse had saved one special thing.
A piece of cheese- the kind that makes an angel wants to sing.
And so that night as he brushed his teeth and washed his tiny paws.
He said my goodness no-one gives a gift to Santa Claus.

So he ran to get his piece of cheese and after he had found it,
Some paper from some chewing gum he quickly wrapped around it.
And then he climbed in bed and dreamed that he was lifted high,
And woke up to find that he was looking right in Santa's eye.

Thank you for my gift he said now tell me what's your name,
I haven't any said the mouse.
You haven't that's a shame. You know I need a helper as I travel house to house.
And I shall give a name to you, I'll call you Santa mouse.

So here's your beard and here's your suit and here's each tiny shiny boot.
You mustn't sneeze and you mustn't cough, Now put them on and we'll be off.
Then over all the rooftops on a journey with no end, Away they went together, Santa and his tiny friend.

And so this Christmas if you please, Beneath that tree that's in your house,
Why don't you leave a piece of cheese, You know who'll thank you,

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