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Okay silly question.

Bobbi is a scratcher and I don't mean a lil bit. Everytime I touch her it seems I'm being clawed and ripped to shreds! I've been bitten as well. USUALLY it's because Sam has come rushing into the room and tries to jump onto me and I'm holding the cat and the cat freaks out and I take the brunt of it. I mean I bleed..a lot!

Now if we just move her she's prone to scratching us. By us I mean Shane and myself, she never ever hurts Phoenix! He can pick her up and play "airplane" as he likes to say with her and she just sits in his arms purring contentedly. The only time he's gotten hurt by her is when he tried to give her a kiss and she bit his cheek. When that happened he told me what happened and I said "well when she makes that meow sound she wants to be left alone." He's had NO problems with her. He's only 9!!

I tell him "Your cat is mean!" He says "no she's not Mommy she's nice to me! She just doesn't like you!" :eek:

Is there something we can do to get her to quit using us like a scratching post? I'd rather not get her declawed as Sam is still getting use to her and wants to play rough and I'd like her to be able to get the message across to him that she's not a play toy!!
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