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Returned from our South Beach FL vacation on Friday...gorgeous weather, in the high 80's each day with low humidity. We cooked like roasters the first day not realizing how strong that sun mixed with salt water was!! Even I used SPF 50 after that!! It was really a wonderful, relaxing vacation with some very funny incidents...like the wall of bubbles that closed down Collins Avenue - someone poured dishwashing liquid into a hotel fountain....and a wall of bubbles, quite high I might add..went rolling into the street!

On Sunday I dropped SU off at the airport again, going to GA for some work stuff...and sure enough the head cold started. So, I'm nice and suntan and all stuffed up...sniffles, runny nose, and achooos all around! Didn't even return to work today...stayed in and of course didn't rest for a moment. Had to get all the things done that I didn't do while I was on vacation!!

Tomorrow it's back to work...quite depressing a thought but that's life!!

Hi everyone!
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