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Sassy Labs

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Does anyone else's labs seem to have a "sassy" time during the day? Every nite about 7 Simba goes into her sassy self at me or the boys. Lays right on the doggie bed in front of you and just sasses for no reason! :laugh: You tell her to be quiet and she sasses you louder! This goes on for about 20 mins or so. You tell her "go to bed" and she runs to our bed and continues to sass from the bedroom. Silly girl... :laugh: :laugh:
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YES!! Sade get's sassy right after I get home. ....BRAT :-* :laugh:
Buddy gets sassy every once in a while. Cracks us up, all the different sounds he can make. You'd swear that boy was talking!
Abbey does it sometimes, especially when I'm on the computer. Cracks me up! :laugh:
very infrequently here. But Milly loves to watch the people walk by our home. Now it's summer lots of people walk at nighttime and they walk their dogs. She gets upset if the front door isn't opened so she can spy on them through our screen door :laugh:

and last night people stopped outside our home to have a chat with other walkers by... well apparently they were there too long for Milly and she went off at them :surprise: She's never done that before... I do admit it was not very loud sassing but it was hilarious! She has probably only done that kind of talking 4 times in her whole lifespan of 1 year so it was quite a shock!
Maddy's like that. Usually we can find out what the problem is, but sometimes she does it just to tease us.
Yup. Play with your lab or take it for a walk.
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