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At our company Christmas party that we have every year an older gentleman and his wife play Santa and Mrs. Claus for the kids. They also do this for other parties around town as well. They do not charge a fee for this, so we always give them a gift certificate for $100. This year Mrs. Claus was too ill to accompany Santa, so in addition to the gift, we packed up lots of leftover food at the party, including Christmas cookies and all the fixings to send home for them to enjoy.

Well in yesterdays mail I got a note from Santa. This is what it said:

"Thanks for inviting me to be part of your 2009 Christmas celebration. Your generous donation helps me to extend the wonder and joy of Christmas to families who might otherwise not be able to experience it."

I thought that was very sweet of him. Knowing this, maybe next years gift of appreciation to him will have a little something extra. We love you Santa!
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