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We got the last pass needed for the Senior Hunter title last weekend. WOOHOO!!!!!

Sam did well, except for one scary moment on the first land mark where he stopped to smell some girl dog pee!!!!!!!!!!! NOT Ok to do that!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll have to work on learning to run through smells. But he recovered, and his marks and blinds were good from then on.

It was a beautiful ranch, the bluebonnets were LUSH, and I had a marvelous relaxing time. Even splurged and spent the night before the test in a motel so I didn't have to drive over the morning of, and get up at 4!

I had made up my mind before I went that I would ENJOY the trip, make it a mini vacation which I was in bad need of. And I did. Trip was beautiful, everything went well, motel was fine, even had a great airing yard for the dogs, I had a beer in my room, ate chips and queso and oreos and watched TV. Or didn't. Did what I wanted, when I wanted!!!!!!! All by myself, except for Sam who does fine with traveling and is no problem in the motel room. Just settles down in whatever corner he picks!

I just can't say what a rejuvenating weekend it was, and then to get the last pass on top of all that! One I will remember as probably the best of all!!!!!

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