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I can say that with half a smile now, but it wasn't so funny yesterday. I'm posting this mainly in the hope that it might be a reminder to anyone (even myself) not to take our dog's good behavior for granted.

Yesterday Neil left a rope by his truck in our driveway and I went to pick it up. It was about 15 feet from the front door to the rope. I must have left the front door open - I didn't even think anything of it, because Sam and Bodie will pretty much never leave the house through the front door unless they have permission. I didn't see that Sam was anywhere near me when I went to the door or I would have told him "stay".

Anyway, I walked the 15 feet to the rope, picked it up, and went right back inside. I re-traced my steps today to see how long I was outside, and it was about 12 seconds, had my back turned for half of that. 45 minutes later we took Darby to play in the back yard. Bodie was playing, and I started wondering where Sam was. We have half an acre with trees and bushes that he likes to run around, so I'm looking around and not seeing him. My heart sinks as I think that he's inside and injured or sick because he would never let us go to play without him. I ask Neil where Sam is and he realizes and asks "did he go out with you?". My heart sinks more and I run in yelling his name...no Sam. I was totally frantic as I ran outside and screamed for him.

I saw him right as I was screaming for him, he was running to our neighbor across the street. She had happened to look out her window and saw Sam in our next door neighbor's yard. She went outside and she said they stared at eachother for 2 minutes until Sam started wagging his tail and she called for him (she wasn't sure it was him at first, she said she'd seen another yellow lab loose recently). When Sam heard me he ducked real low to the ground and ran back to our house so fast, low to the ground the whole way. I think he was worried he was in trouble, or scared that he'd been out so long.

I really learned my lesson. As good as Sam is (and he's VERY good, always has been), I don't know what I was thinking. He's a dog, and will never be 100% trustworthy. I feel like I failed him, and am just so thankful that he's ok.
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