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Safe chewies?

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So, given our very expensive lesson about marrow bones and beef knuckle bones (I suspect it was one of these that fractured Henery's tooth), what are good safe (non-tooth-breaking nor blockage-creating!) chewies?

Should I just switch to the softer Nylabone?
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Mine get regular nylabones in the souper size. I've not had one chip off a tooth on one yet in 20+ years.
Abbey and Coco are strickly Nylabone (souper size) girls. :)
I believe it is a crap shoot. A lot depends on the dog and its particular chewing habit.

Occassionally I give HK one of those compressed rawhide sticks. I think the rawhide is choppedup and then compressed into perfectly round sticks. She likes them, although they do not last that long.

Need to couch everything I type regarding dogs teeth and breakage with HK's specific dental issues. I am sure she would have bully sticks, marrow bones, and nylabones if she didn't have her issues.
I don't think there are any guarantees, period. What happens, happens.

The majority of human teeth get broken on popcorn and pretzels. Go figure.

My dogs won't chew nylabones.

I give the bully sticks and pizzles.
I still use the super size Nylabones even after the chipped tooth. I also let them have the large & extra large Kongs. But I have to watch the Kongs. Once in a while they will get a piece of the rubber off of them. :)
Do you think an antler would be too hard, Felicia? They don't splinter.
Other wise, I second (or third or fourth, or whatever), the nylabones, I use the ones Laura uses.
And bully sticks? Although expensive, they get kind of mushy as the dog chews!
Dio isn't really a fan of nylabones. He has 2, but rarely uses them. He loves bully sticks and knuckle bones and such. Luckily for us, he hasn't had any issues.

The bully sticks do get mushy, so it isn't an issue for swallowing. You could try that, but it might be too hard... I would go with a soft nylabone if he already likes them.
The boys literally eat the soft nylabones, so they only get the souper and wolf sized hard ones. They do occasionally get marrow bones, but much less often than before - mainly due to cost.
Derby gets frozen turkey necks.
Iam a vegetarian however it dosent stops me if rogger likes, i buy chiken from market boil it n feed my puppy
Sorry about Henery. Recreational bones are called Wreck bones by alot of raw feeders. The weight bearing bones (Legs) of cattle (cows) and things like elk and moose and buffalo are very very hard. The knuckle part is the hardest part of the bone and the marrow part (shaft of the bone) has a nice wedge shape to it that can put huge sideways loads on a dogs tooth. Comercial recreational bones are often dried out and become even harder or worse the are smoked/cooked.
Fresh rib bones are a much better option as are neck and back bones. Goat sheep and pig are softer bones.

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