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I walk into the house when I got home from work and this is how it goes:

Rush: Mommy, have I been a good girl??
Mom: Rush, you're always a good girl.
Rush: Even when I counter surf?
Mom: Except when you counter surf.
Rush: Am I good when we have company?
Mom: Yes, you are. What's the point?
Rush: How many sleeps until I get to go to work with you?
Mom: Take your dog to work day is Friday so you have 4 sleeps left.
Yesterday you had 5, today it's four...
Rush: Do you think I'll be good at work with you?
Mom: You better be, but you always are.
Rush: Are the kids gonna be there? I like kids.
Mom: No, no kids this time. I work at a different place now, they don't
have a daycare for kids.
Rush: Ohhhh. Will the pastard be there?
Mom: No, I work for a wonderful Pastor now but he will be at conference.
So Rush, what's with all the questions? This isn't new to you.
Rush: If I'm a really good girl all the week and at work, um, can we do
something special on Friday when we leave your work?
Mom: Uh oh, I'm afraid to ask. What is it you want to do? Go shopping?
Rush: Well, that would be nice but I was thinking something better.
something fun. Like going to the DQ on our way home.
Mom: What gave you that idea??
Rush: Daddy always says we are gonna go, and we don't. So you and I
can go and tell daddy later.
Mom: What about Boo. She'll be waiting home for us and she will know you
had a treat.
Rush: Well, I was thinking, since she can't go to work with us, we could
bring her some ice cream so she doesn't feel so bad about staying
home. Maybe next year she can come with us.
Mom: I think that sounds like fun. If you're good, I think we can go to the
DQ. And Rush, that was sweet that you thought of your sister too.
Rush: Well she is my sister and I don't want to hurt her feelings. Mom?
I love you.
Mom: I love you too Rush. You're my heart.

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Puff and I have conversations, too, but they're never that long --

Somewhat like, at 6:30 AM, just before our every morning walk in the nature preserve --

Puff: You're putting on your shoes!! Oh, take me with you, PLEASE, take me with you, OH, take me with you??

Bob: Well, do you promise to be a good girl?

Puff: Oh, yes, oh, yes, OH, YES!! I'll be a good girl -- Please take me with you?

Bob: Okay, since you promised.

Puff: Oh, boy!! Oh, happy day, I get to go out with you!!!!


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When "they" come to lock me up for talking to my dogs at least I know I will not be alone! :D I love all the stories from our dogs' points of view. Keep them coming all of you creative writers!! There are a lot of days I much prefer their company to that of "humans". ;)
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