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Root Canal Question

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Because of all of your support here on JL i have begun going back to the dentist.
He did a root canal 2 weeks ago on the tooth that was bothering me most....my previous experience with root canals was once they took the nerve out, the pain went away instantly..this one did also for a few days. About 3-4 days ago, it began to ache again at night. And today it is aching all day long...wth? how can this be?

I see a periodontist tomorrow about this tooth to see if they can lengthen the crown of the tooth....if he cant lengthen it, I wont be able to get it capped and ill need a bridge instead...which i REALLY dont want. So im hoping he can do this lengthening thing...but why is it still painful? Anyone ever have this happen after a root canal?
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Nope, and I've had a few. I'd call your dentist.

Since the Board has motivated you to go back to the dentist, can you motivate me? I'm such a dork about this. And I have great medical coverage! It is just being trapped in that chair that kills me.
If he cleaned out the entire tooth then it shouldn't be painful. He either could have missed something or it might be an inflamation in the gum surrounding it. Once things start throbbing it's hard to tell exactly where it started.

The periodontist should be able to tell if there's an inflammation but you'll probably end up back at your regular dentist.

Congratulations on sucking it up and getting yourself back to a dentist. Unfortunately I know just how hard that is to do.
No it should not be hurting. I dont go to the dentist. Not because I am scared or dont have coverage (I now have free dental here at work). The last guy I went to did me so wrong I dont trust them anymore. Might be going for a cleaning soon. Just make sure he has a steady hand with that drill.
I've had a couple of root canals and for the most part, the tooth doesn't hurt afterwards. I would definitely have it checked out.

Now, having said that, I did have one root canal on a tooth that was extremely painful for a long time before the root canal and I continued to have pain for almost a year after the root canal. The dentist and periodontist couldn't figure it out but my mom did. She said she has nerves in her mouth that surface every so often. They cause a lot of pain that mimicks a tooth ache. They go away on their own after several months only to come back again a few years later. Apparently that is what was going on with my tooth too because the pain did eventually go away and hasn't come back so far (knock on wood).
I have had some infection after a root canal. You should check with you dentist.
Thanks guys...I did call and he said unfortunately if you were having a lot of pain with the tooth before the RC you can have some after it is removed. He also said there is a chance he left a small piece of the nerve in there...I see him Monday and he will take an Xray then and check.

I was/am petrified of going to the dentist. When I was little the dentist we went to was a butcher. He later lost his license. I really think he was a sadist. He would never use novicaine and said you needed things done you didnt. ie: When i was a kid i had a gap between the 2 front teeth. He convinced my parents it needed to be corrected... During this procedure is when I wound up on the window ledge of his office because it hurt so much. He used nothing on me to dull the pain...anyway fast forw a few years and my teeth are actually too tight because this bozo did what he did. The gap should have been left alone to close on its own.
So, I am terriried...posted here and sucked it up and went back to a dentist. I told him all my fears etc and he is very good with it.
He did drill right into a nerve last time and caught my elbow in a place he didnt want my elbow to be :eek:
oops sorry! total reflex but dont do that again! I have a very high tolerance for pain but omg did this hurt :eek:

If i had not put off going for so long, i would not need as much work as i do now. So dont put it off any longer. Call a dentist and be honest about your past experiences and tell them right off youre scared. But dont wait anymore or youre going to need a LOT more work done. ::)
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