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Robbie says...

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It's hard work getting a new title...

Robbie finally earned his Novice Jumpers title today with a 1st place finish..even tho we had to attempt the weaves 3 times before he got it..*G*

Both he and Cedar had some really nice runs this weekend but those darn weaves kept us from geting the Q's.
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Yea Robbie.... congrats on the title. But you know what that means now.... on to Open! And those darned have to call you on the weave faults! :eek:

Way to go, Robbie!!!! :D

Enjoy your nap.... it is well deserved! Congrats!! :D
Great job Robbie. Pretty pink title ribbon you got there!
What a wonderful picture Deb! Congrats on the new title, Robbie, now it's on to bigger and faster things :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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