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I have been following this story. I feel so sad for him and his family. They found his body today. He played Boner on Growing Pains and his father played Chekov in the original Star Trek series. It's such a sad, lonely ending for him at 41.

Story from Comcast news.

After a high-profile, weeklong hunt for the former Growing Pains star, Vancouver police announced Thursday that they believe they have found the body of the 41-year-old in the park where he was last seen alive 11 days ago.

The remains were discovered around noon in the expansive Stanley Park. More details are expected to be announced at a 5 p.m. press conference.

Police launched an exhaustive search for the actor-filmmaker on Sunday, when he was reported missing after failing to board his flight back to the U.S.

Koenig, who had a history of depression, was last seen just two days earlier, on Feb. 14.

His disappearance prompted multiple public and heartfelt pleas from his parents, Walter and Judith Koenig, while numerous famous friends sounded the alarm online.
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