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Rice Protein Recall Info Important

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The suspected rice protein contaminated with Melamine was sold to 5 different dog food manufacturers. Natural Products was one of two major companies, the other major company is said to have tested its rice protein and found none. no reports yet on the 3 smaller companies. So somewhere out thereare 4 other manufacturers of pet food that bought the same Rice Protein that caused the recent recall. I might suggest holding off feeding foods with Rice Protein until further info is available.


Kelly and Amber
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Did you all see this:

One of the primary companies was Diamond Pet Foods, which packs some of the Natural Balance product but doesn't use the concentrate in any Diamond-made foods, says Diamond spokesman Jim Fallon. The other major customer, which Thacher would not name, tested the rice protein and found no melamine, Thacher says. Natural Balance's rice protein concentrate is mixed with venison meal, Thacher says


Makes me really nervous.
good grief !! Is there an end to this ??

Oh no, not again. :'(
I know a lot of people are waiting to hear what foods were made with this imported rice protein. Now everyone has to check their dog food labels to see if they contain rice protein in addition to the wheat gluten. It would be really nice to have one whole week with out any recalls.

Kelly and Amber
Frickin fabulous. I feed Nutro Oatmeal, Rice and Chicken.
Check and see if RICE PROTEIN is listed in the ingredients.

Kelly and Amber
Makes me BARF! (pun intended) :-X

Remember, they can be sneaky with ingredients too.
Rice Protien could be Rice by-products, called by a chemical name, added to something else and called Flavoring and other nutrients, minerals etc.
Half the stuff I've seen listed are so you don't know what they are unless you're a chemist or something. I firmly believe that at times they are hiding something on purpose or blatantly misleading for a reason.
Sorry, but since loosing Becca I've a very big axe to grind against ALL pet food manufacturers.
*whew* no rice stuff in my food..

I feed TLC, it's a small company that you can only buy their food online.. the ingredients check out, and Peanut is in Tip-top shape!! Maybe it's an alternative for the others who are anti-raw and still want to feed their pets holistically.

just a suggestion! http://tlcpetfood.com/
I just called Nutro and they said no rice protein is in any of their dry food. They said they use rice gluten and that rice gluten and rice protein are not the same thing. The rice gluten is fine.

This is getting scarey!!!!! :mad:
Thanks snowflake. This is getting really hard to deal with. I am so worried about Billie already and if the food thing became an issue I'd probably just curl up in the fetal position and lose my mind.

I appreciate the info.
For the record, Diamond has on their website that NONE of their foods contain wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate. A lot of us feed Diamond, so thought I would point out it is safe.........for now!
I use the Natural Balance food rolls for treats. I'm watching this closely. :(
This is really getting scary. I feed my girls ProPlan Chicken & Rice. I'm going to check the labek. But I see where Nestl-Purina says it doesn't use rice protein. Still....I am just sick about all of this.

Why are they buying this stuff from China??? Okay...I know why...MONEY!! :mad:
I've been gone all days and got home too late to call Diamond.

I feed Kirkland C&R (made by the company that makes Diamond sold only in Costco).

I checked the ingredient list -- the only rice product listed is "whole grain brown rice"
I just checked Hill's since Kody is on their W/D dry and they are safe.

Yes. Four Hill's products contain rice protein concentrate; however, none contain rice protein concentrate from the supplier associated with this recent recall.

The four Hill's products that contain rice protein concentrate AND ARE NOT affected by recent recall announcements:

* Prescription Diet ® z/d® Feline Dry
* Prescription Diet ® k/d® Canine canned
* Science Diet® Lamb Meal and Rice Recipe Puppy Large Breed
* Prescription Diet® h/d® Canine Dry

Hill's has tested its ingredients and these tests show no melamine is present in the rice protein concentrate used in our products.
There was only about 340 tons of this batch of rice protien that made it into the pet food supply and only about 160 tons got shipped to manufacturers. So hopefully this will be quicker to track down. The supplier is pressuring the manufacturers to release info but so far..we have to wait and see. hopefully they will announce any recalls very quickly if their are any more.

Kelly and Amber
What about brewers rice?
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