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Our contract was settled a few weeks ago. Thank heavens. We had a contract vote and the contract was accepted with
54%. Having been on strike in 1999, I did NOT want to go there again.

Anyway, our increase was 3%, 2% and 2%. The 3% increase is one year retro because our contract was out Nov 1/08. So then Nov 1/09, we got the 2% increase.

I should get about $1500 of retro pay after taxes. I am going to pay down my credit card but I want to get a entry level DSLR camera for myself!!! I love taking pics but my camera eats batteries and I don't enjoy it much with this camera. I have wanted a DSLR for a few years and just decided yesterday that I am going to take some of my retro pay and buy one!!

Wooo hoooo!!
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