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Hey Everyone,
I haven't been around alot lately do to being busy, and I lost my baby girl Precious (13 yr old Beagle) on March 20th. After all the recall stuff, I'm having some doubts,and I'll never know, but after losing her. I'm wanting to be sure I give my other 3 (Allie,and the 2 nonlabs) the best I can. I haven't been posting alot at all, but have been lurking,and this raw section has become one of my favorite spots!! It's so informative.
So I've been doing some research, and found this place with information
that seems to make ALOT of sense to me (meaning something that isn't to confusing LOL), and it's a real eye opener on stuff according to dog food, health of your dog, and much more.

I've been reading on this stuff for several hours just tonight, and I can't get unglued. I've already learned enough to make it worth the money I payed for it. It's all in E-book form, but I will be printing mine out and putting it in my own binder so that if I'm not around a computer I can have it to read if I want/need to. Recipes, everything, honestly I haven't even looked at everything yet and I'm loving it.
I chose the Gold package (there are 3, and you can read all about them), but I wanted everything I could get even if it costed a lil' more. Sooooo with all this being said fellow lab members interested in changing over to raw, or even just wanting to find out more about commercial dog food, I'd highly reccomend this!!

Dog Food Secrets

Now.. I'm off to read more. I never thought I'd be saying this, but my dogs might soon be having some homemade meals !! I'm actually really excited about all of this. I hope it's ok to post this hear, if not can someone move it to the appropriate place? Again I'm not 100% sure how much raw or cooked meal info there is yet, just bc I haven't read everything, but hope someone can find something useful. :)

Sorry for rambling, I'm just sorta excited and overwhelmed with all this info at once hehe!
Thanks for looking,and I hope maybe this will help at least one person and their dog enjoy a lot more life together!!

Off to post Allie's Birthday pics from yesterday!!
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