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Rescue pup surgery/name

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Just a short update.

My foster GSD had her right rear leg amputated yesterday. We were in surgery for over 4 hours. It was one of the most horrific surgeries I have ever participated in. The agony this poor baby had to endure was mind boggling. There was calcium formation throughout the thigh muscles, adhesions everywhere, the femur bone itself at the area of the fracture was in dozens of pieces. The muscle along the bone resembled hamburger.

Everyone involved, the Orthopods, the general surgeons, felt the plating surgeries were worth the effort, that there was a chance they could save the leg. Now I feel like we tortured this sweet little thing. Not one time has this dog ever exhibited pain, fear or aggression. She is a happy, tail wagging, chewing machine (leather recliner for starters).

She is currently hospitalized at my clinic on IV heavy duty pain management. We will try to get her up later today. Since she has essentially been a tripod for the last month, she should do fine. Hopefully she can come home tonight or tomorrow.

As for the name, thanks for all the suggestions. I was leaning heavily towards Hope, Faith or Spirit. Then I remembered someone I knew years ago. Her name was Ali (pronounced Alley). Her parents were middle eastern, had been told they could not have children, then she was born. She told me this meant Hope in Persian. So her name is now Ali.

Going to work now. Wish us luck.
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I hope she recovers quickly and all the pain she had to endure will finally be over. Cheers to you for helping this sweet girl.
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