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Request for the power of JL Prayer/Good Vibes/Positive Thoughts etc. . .

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Hey all. If you could include my dad and my uncle in your prayers tonight and over the next few days, I would appreciate it soo much.

Uncle-- Stepped on a 3" shard of wood in the backyard (don't ask) that went through his big toe. Haven't heard what the doctor did, but I am sure he still needs prayer.

Dad-- Dad goes in tomorrow for knee surgery. Minor stuff, but he will be put completely under for the procedure which always holds a small risk. He is not in the best physical shape and I will worry until I know he's out of surgery.

Thank you everyone--- can't beat JL prayer/positive vibes/good thoughts!
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youuuuu've got 'em :D
Sending good thoughts for your Dad and Uncle. I wish them both the best.
Will do.
You got em. Hope all goes well with your Dad and Uncle.
Keeping them both in our thoughts and prayers!
You got 'em. Good thoughts and prayers on the way for them.
As Kyle would say "Owie Kazowie"

In my prayers!
Prayers foryour dad and uncle.
Keeping them both in my thoughts and prayers.
Sending good thoughts & prayers for both your dad & uncle.
Prayers from Ohio heading your way. KUP.
Good thoughts coming for both your Dad and your uncle.

Take care-keep us updated.
Best thoughts from here, Em.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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