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I am so proud of my little man. Last night was his 3rd obedience class and he did great! He was 100x better waiting with the other dogs around to go into class...still some jumping and lunging, but not the maniac we had last week. (We also brought a higher value treat for this part to help him out)

We were working on our really reliable recall and he came RUNNING to DH and stayed with him for his reward (a couple of other dogs in the class came...then took off since they were off leash for this and could check out the rest of the class) And then! He walked nicely with DH weaving through cones all the way back to the instructor and sat nice-nice for his leash to be put back on. :D:D

But the best part was the sit and down stays....Remy was the champ. I've really been working on this and we can walk far away from him - even among all the other dogs and he won't budge. We can turn our backs on him and we even went around the corner of a cabinet and he stayed. The instructor was really impressed.

He's still a bit antsy while we're sitting waiting our turn to do stuff, but what a huge improvement over last week! *puffs chest and smiles*
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