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Rainy day Question

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It is pouring here today, does Emma Care? Not one bit. In fact she seems to want/needs to go out more than usual and does not understand why her people seem to want to stay inside. Then when she comes back inside she runs between our legs while we dry her off ( we call this dry dry) She gets so excited when she is being dried off I can not decide if she likes to go out and get wet or she goes out to get wet so she can play dry dry.

So here is the question:

What does you Lab enjoy the most

Going outside and playing in the rain? or getting dried off when they come back in?

Anyone else have a rain obsessed Lab?
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Well today Elias got lucky, a creek flooded into our yard and he got to go swimming in it. He LOVES to get toweled off, we call it "towely" and as soon as he sees the towel he comes running.
Oh Cinnamon loves to be towel tried. We also frequently put her towel in the dryer and I swear she knows to go out when she hears the dryer buzz because she loves the warm towel best of all.
Tal will go out into the rain but he is not crazy about it. It doesn't stop him from doing his business. He likes swimming and had a ball yesterday when he could fetch his ball and there were lots of puddles!

He is starting to like being dried off with the towel. I think he really likes it when I wrap it around him and hdry off his underside!
My Maisy HATES the rain. She will flat out refuse to go outside. If it is due to rain all day (not happened in a LONG time here) I'll have to drag her out for at least one walk. Although I usually let her off leash if its raining I have to keep her on as she won't budge. She 'sulks' the whole way around, head down, doing her best 'old lady' walk. Then when we come back she ignores me. What a madam.

The boys on the other hand LOVE the rain. It makes them go crazy butt tucking. They also love being dried off afterwards.
Aidan loves the rain...matter of fact he went swimming yesterday in the pouring rain ::)
Oh with out a doubt getting dried off. It's funny because Oona hates to be brushed but she will come running to get rubbed with a towel.
Kody loves the rain, but also loves being dried off. He does get tired of me cleaning his muddy paws though. ::) It's funny how just as he is almost completely dry, he wants to go back out in the rain. ;D One of his favorite things is going out in the rain then laying on the covered porch surveying his property before coming in for the towel.
If it rains over here, it's Laika her favo moment to go out! ::)

While or last past away Labrador, dont even think about to go out on a rainy day! ;D
Nittany LOVES the rain...she LOVES to drink the puddles all over our yard and streets...we try to keep her away from them but it never works lol.
sandrak131 said:
Nittany LOVES the rain...she LOVES to drink the puddles all over our yard and streets...we try to keep her away from them but it never works lol.
Same with Brigetta! I'm always trying to keep her out of the puddles.
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