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OMG I laughed out loud at that one!!! Sorry Toby. :eek:
Very handsome boy, clean or dirty!!!

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You missed my oops on Facebook. I wrote something about the Horse Expo and it came out Hose Expo. One of my friends caught it and it went downhill from there.

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Sing it to the tune of "Hello Mother, Hello Father"
from camp song

How's it hangin'?
So much cleaner.
Aren't you glad I
washed your wiener?
I'll admit it's
kinda creepy
that I had to stick my arm up in your pee-pee.

It was sticky.
It was gunky.
It felt icky.
It smelled funky.
It was cruddy,
it was crusty--
when you stuck it out,
it creaked like it was rusty.

After half an
hour of toilin'
and of squirtin'
baby oil in,
you're as fresh there
as a daisy.
Either this means I love you or else I'm crazy!!!

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And one for mare owners....

An original composition by GottaRide, written on
company time. Who can control inspiration? Sung to the
tune of Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda:

Is it clean now
Near your udder?
Is it smooth now
Smooth as butter?
It's a chore that
I'm not keen on
I'm either something to be kicked
Or else to lean on

There's much crust there
'Tween your teatsies
More disgusting
Than your feetsies
I'll admit it's kinda scarey
To be reaching under you where it's not hairy.

It is black and kinda peely
Sometimes chunky, but ideally
It's a good thing, all in all
So you don't rub your tail raw upon the stall wall.

Now the mare folks
Have their own diddy
About cleaning their mare's titty
Hope you've had some slight enjoyment
As for me I might be facing unemployment!
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