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Question about rabbit for 4-H

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We added a new member to our family tonight. We bought a bunny for our 10 yr old daughter to do for a 4-H project. Tomorrow I'll call the local extension office and get her in a group, but I'm wondering if any one has tips/advice for us. This is new to all of us. When we bought the bunny, I also bought a book for my daughter, Kate, to read and learn about her new responsibility. I don't even know how old the bunny is, we bought it at our local D & B Supply, they get rabbits and chicks in every spring. We think it's a boy, so Kate named him Thumper. But what we'd really like is just advice from anyone who's done this... feeding tips, toys, handling, etc. He seems very mellow, will actually crawl into Kate's arms already when she's at his make-shift hutch. She just loves that ;). And Madison is VERY curious about the new addition. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us. ;D
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Hey! Congrats!
I'm a rabbit person, and I know Aim is as well, so she'll probably see this!
One of the best sites on the net for bunny info is http://www.rabbit.org. You'll be able to find information on ANYTHING rabbit related, here.
I got my first rabbit when I was 10, a rescue from the auction. Low and behold, she was preggers! I soon had to crash-learn how to care for 8 newborn rabbits! Not an easy task!

Just a few little tips/tricks from me:
Toys: Toilet paper rolls were one of my 2's favorites. Paper bags, cat toys etc. etc. Anything they can toss and chew(safely of course), is great. You can get chew blocks from the pet store that are perfect. They also like to be "high" so things they can climb on are great too.
Handling: Just be gentle. He sounds like he's mellow. Rabbits LOVE attention. They are a lot like cats. Holding and stroking them made mine so happy. Feed them the occasional treat from your hand to teach them to trust you. You'll soon have him following you around the house! Haha! But if that is the case, make sure your home is bunny-proofed!
Feeding: A good quality pellet is essential. About 1/2 a cup per 6lbs of body weight is what my vet always told me. You don't want to overfeed them (just like the dogs).
Fresh hay (Timothy) is also good and should be given freely. (you can usually buy pre-baled bunches of hay at the pet store). This gives them a source of roughage. Fresh water of course at all times.
Fresh veggies of course. But usually around 2cups a day is good. Here is a good link to the veggies safe to give bunny http://www.rabbit.org/care/veggies.html. Try giving them a good selection of veggies. Fruit (like apples etc.) should be given sparingly.

Hope this helps, feel free to pick my brain any time! I miss my rabbits so much, hope to have another one, one day!
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Thanks Kimmers!! ;D You've got lots of great info! Kate is just so excited about doing this. I had to take pictures tonight after we got the bunny, so cute. Thumper is white and gray, with bit of tan mixed in as well, and lop earred. Will have to post the pict after I get it from the camera to the computer.
You're welcome!!! ;D
Congrats on your new rabbit! :D Now we need pics!!!
What kimmers said!

I had a bunny...he was just like a cat. He would run around our house. Be sure to keep an eye on him when he's out though. They love chewing on things. umm he was litter trained...pooped and peed only in his cage where the litter was. So I could comfortably let him run lose in the house. I don't do anything special to train him for that.

He loooovvved to come up and snuggle up against me. But only on his terms. Not when I wanted to lol...sounds a lot like my dog :p

They are awesome little critters ;D

Now we need to see some photos of Thumper ;D
Awww, I miss our rabbit, Cinnamon, that we had when my sisters and I were young. :'( Kimmers gave some good info. Rabbits are fun. He followed us everywhere and was such a mellow rabbit. We even made him a birthday cake when his birthdays came around. :)

Yes, we definitely need some pics =)
Thanks for all the great info ;D

Kate was up EARLY this morning..... up at 5am, it's now just after 5:30am and she's ready to bring Thumper in the house and play, lol. We're going to have to see about litter box training Thumper.. I like that idea! Kate and I'll have to sit down this weekend and look at the websites. Hopefully this weekend we can get hubby to build a hutch.... hubby's very good at building things :) Still not sure what he thinks of Thumper, he's the one that said if Kate wanted to do 4-H, she could get a bunny.... but after we got Thumper home... hubby was very quiet :mad: Maybe he was hoping Kate would say no ::)
My sister always had a rabbit when we were younger and did 4-H I know there was a little book you had to do exercises out of to submit it for the fair but other than that I don't remember much about it. Good luck
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