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I saw somewhere on here that pure bred black labs can have white spots/patches. Something about St. Johns dogs is what I remember. Now Apollo came from a shelter and I'm sure he's a lab mix. Hes black with white on some of his toes and a white star on his chest. He only weigns 56lb. Everyone that sees him though says, "are you sure he's not pure lab?"

Now a while ago someone on here brought up the idea that maybe one of apollo's parents was a pure lab and that the other was a lab mix. That is actually what I think is the case with him.

Now, to the point-I was just wondering, does anyone on here have a pure bred black lab with white areas on their coat? if so I'd love to see picks to see how they are similar to apollo. Thanks.
Yes I also have a black lab retriever mix from a shelter . He has a white star on his chest no other white . Also has wavey hair only on the top of his back.!
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