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They didn't cover much, just how to get them to sit(Twitch already has this down ;)), and the basics of lease walking and he did great! He really was the teachers pet. :D The trainer was surprised of how good he was. At one instance, the trainer was holding his leash and took him to a table where a bag of treats were sitting, turned his back to get a treat, and when he turned around Twitch was already sitting without having to be told. (I guess he knows to behave when he wants something :p)

Other than twitch, there were 4 other dogs, but the only dog I know what breed he was was a black and white 8 week old Great Dane, absolutely cute! There was one that was either a Board Collie or Bernese Mountain, a quite wrinkled face brown and white pup, and a dirty white fluff ball, all of which stopped and sniffed, along with the dogs in the main part of the store. :D It was funny, cause we were sitting next to the Dane, who kept mouthing off at Twitch throughout the class, not a bark, like a weird cry, and of course Twitch returned the greetings and accordingly went butt up, head down. ;)

And one another thing, he woke me up this morning(barking). I thought he had to go out, but soon learned he already had. Then I realized from where he was sitting by the baby gate, he could see my toes. After I got up he stopped barking.

OK, I'm rambling now.
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